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:.Fraternal Update- 07/14/2015

--July 14, 2015

Earlier in the spring semester the Beta Chi chapter of Theta chi at Allegheny College proudly welcomed five new initiate members: Chris Milon ('15), Kevin McIntrye ('17), Alex McFarland ('17), Vaffa Kamalpour ('17), and Nick Pierri ('18). After sending off a large graduating class of the chapter currently has 24 active members. With so many brothers in the class of 2015, the chapter expects to see a large increase in membership in the upcoming year. The current officers who were elected earlier in the fall are as follows:

Executive Board

President - Neil Collecci ('16)

Vice President - James Barron ('17)

Treasurer - Gary Miller ('17)

Secretary - Adam Brandner ('17)

Marshal - Marcus Webster ('15)

Rush - Danny Yarnell ('16)


Chair Positions

Chaplain - Lawrenz Fares ('16)

Historian - Zach Mosel ('15)

Librarian - Nick Miller ('16)

Ass. Rush - Ricardo Lavet-Nava ('17)

Ass Treasurer - Zach Mosel ('15)

Philanthropy - Tyler Manning ('16)

House Manager - Vaffa Kamalppour ('17)

By-Laws - Mason Allen ('15)

Alumni Relations - James Barron ('17)

Risk Manager - James Barron ('17)

Social Chair - Danny Yarnell ('16)

Webmaster - Gary Miller ('17)

At this point the chapter is focusing strongly on recruiting from the upcoming class of 2019. The current officers and newly initiated brothers will be focusing strongly on maintaining the strong campus image and prestige carried by the chapter which as been in continuous operation since it began in 1942. The chapter is also excited about renovation plans for the chapter house which is set to begin next summer and to be completed throughout the next few years. As the next academic school year approaches, brothers are getting anxious to return back to campus and the chapter anticipates visiting with alumni new and old as the semester resumes.

:.Fraternal Update

--July 02, 2014

The Beta Chi chapter at Allegheny College consists of thirty-six total members, after sending off nine in the graduating class of 2014. As of March 8th, ten young men were initiated into the fraternity: Jimmy Berron ('17), Ricardo Lavet-Nava ('17), Ethan Byrne ('17), Travis Banks ('17), Mason Allen ('15), Danny Yarnell ('16), Adam Brandner ('17), Tyrell White ('17), Gary Miller ('17), and Tom Halstead ('15). Our large and active freshman class holds a promising future for the growth and direction of our beloved chapter. These new members will soon be looking to step into leadership positions, as current terms end this coming November. Current officers are:

Executive Board

President - Zach Beddick (15)

Vice President - Neil Collecci (16)

Treasurer - Adam Mcgeehan (15)

Secretary - Zach Mosel (15)

Marshal - Mike Agostinelli (15)

Rush - Ethan Ivy (16)

Chair Positions

Chaplain - Marcus Webster (15)

Historian - Alex Elnicke (15)

Librarian - Mike Iverson (15)

Ass. Rush - Chris Muise (15)

Ass Treasurer - Larry Fares (16)

Philanthropy - Tyler Manning (16)

House Manager - Gordon Day (15)

By-Laws - Alex Dow (15)

Alumni Relations - Zach Beddick (15)

Risk Manager - Neil Collecci (16)

Social Chair - Jacob Leighton (16)

Webmaster - Zach Beddick (15)

Our current officers have focused on fruitful recruitment and impactful community service. Since our last update, the undergraduates renovated the chapter house's library, and the graduates renovated several individual rooms as well as the basement, creating a tranquil area during finals, a clean and welcoming basement for social gatherings, and all in all, a much more appealing chapter house. All efforts have not been for our own benefit, however, as the chapter recently adopted a second philanthropic cause. In addition to our existing commitment to CHAPS of Meadville, the chapter has also began running weekly afterschool programs at the local YMCA's in town. As the school year draws near, we hope to see our alumni return while the weather is kind and the travels are safe. Please continue to check our website for updates!  

:.Ten New Members

--January 19, 2013

On Saturday, January 19th, 2013 ten gentlemen began the pledging process to become brothers of Theta Chi Fraternity.

Jacob Leghton '16

Lawrenz Fares '16

Asher Sells '15

Ethan Ivey '16

Neal Colecchi '16

Gordon Day '15

Kevin Basso '15

Chris Sexauer '15

Evan Biskup '15

Zachary Mosel '15

:.Congratulations New Officers

--November 17, 2012

Congratulations to our new officers elceted on November 17th, 2012:

Executive Board

President - Ion Simonides (14)

Vice President - Hunter Bailey (15)

Treasurer - Nima Kamalpour (14)

Secretary - Mike Petro (15)

Marshal - Xavier Robinson (14)

Rush - Wyler Sanca (14)

Chair Positions

Chaplain - Hilario Segarra (15)

Historian - Wyatt Good (14)

Librarian - Zach Klensch (14)

Ass. Rush - Adam McGeehan (15)

Ass Treasurer - Nick Busgee (15)

Philanthropy - Zach Beddick (15)

House Manager - Nick Bushee (15)

By-Laws - Brendon Turley (12)

Alumni Relations - Hunter Bailey (15)

Risk Manager - Hunter Bailey (15)

Social Chair - Wyatt Good (14)

Webmaster - Ion Simonides (14)

:.Fall 2012 Initiation

--November 03, 2012

On Saturday November 3rd, 2012, four pledges took their final oath and were intitiated into our Beta Chi Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity.

:.Homecoming Pig Roast

--September 29, 2012

This Saturday, September 29, we will be having our anual Homecoming Pig Roast up at the OX house. All alumni brothers if you are in the area do not hesitate to stop by and enjoy some deliciously roast pig and turkey. We hope to see you there!

:.4 New Pledges

--September 15, 2012

Here are the 4 new pledges for the Fall 2012 semester. Pictured from right to left:

Guy Agostinelli - class of 2015

Colin Abel - class of 2015

Nick Bushee - class of 2015

Mike Iverson - class of 2015

:.Fall 2012 Runout

--September 15, 2012

On Saturday, September 15, 2012, 4 pledges ran out of Brooks Hall announcing the beggining of their pledging process. Photographed below we have the brothers of our chapter awaiting the new pledges.

:.Alumni Weekend 2012

--May 25, 2012

Allegheny College's Alumni weekend is June 1-3.  The Beta Chi Chapter would like to extend an invitation to all alumni to visit the house the weekend of June 1.  Last year's alumni weekend was a great success, and we encourage brothers who have not paid a recent visit to consider doing so.  If you have any questions, please contact the undergraduate president, Galen George, at (267) 317-6895 or

:.Spring 2012 Initiation

--March 10, 2012

On Saturday, March 10, 2012, 12 pledges were initiated into our Beta Chi Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity. 

:.The Apology of Socrates

--January 27, 2012

Theta Chi Presents The Apology of Socrates
As done by Yannis Simonides

Come join the brothers of Theta Chi, friday January 27 2012 as we bear witness to one of the great plays of our time, done by emmy award winning Yannis Simonides. Tickets are $3 dollars for students, $7 for anyone else, and free for those under 12. All proceeds will go to Crawford County Mental Health Awareness Program (CHAPS). This will prove to be a memorable event in both Allegheny and Theta Chi Beta Chi history.

:.Fall Elections- 11/19/2011

--November 20, 2011

On Saturday, we elected the following brothers into office: President - Galen George ('13) Vice President - Adam Ravotti ('14) Secretary - Ion Simonides ('14) Treasurer - Wonjoon Jang ('13) Marshal - Joe Burchick ('14) Rush - Wyatt Good ('14) Chaplain - Kyle Greenberg ('13) Historian - Brian Thompson ('13) Librarian - Mike Oliphant ('13) Assistant Rush - Xavier Robinson ('14) Assistant Treasurer - Steve Fuhrer ('14) Philanthropy - Nima Kamalpour ('14) Risk Manager - Kyle Trogstad-Isaacson ('13) House Manager - Lucas Carrion ('13) Congratulations to all brothers who received new positions!

:.Fall 2011 Initiation

--November 05, 2011

On Saturday, November 5, 2011 6 pledges took their final oath and were initiated into our Beta Chi Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity.

:.Reunion Weekend

--May 16, 2011

Allegheny's reunion weekend is Friday, June 3 through Sunday, June 5. The house will be open, and we'd like to extend an invitation to anyone who has been away from the for several years to come up to the house and meet the brothers. We've already received news that around 20 brothers and little sisters from the 1980's will be coming up for the weekend.

If you need help making contact with a brother, email John Lobaugh or Use Allegheny's Gator Locator. Additionally, there is a Facebook group which you may use to reach many brothers.

:.End of the Year Announcements

--May 12, 2011

Congratulations to our 9 brothers that are graduating this year!

We were impressed with bid pickup for the fall, and we are expecting a large class. The final number of pickups will be confirmed in early September.

:.Greek Awards

--April 18, 2011

Last week, the Beta Chi Chapter was presented with an award for Best Greek Spirit at Allegheny College's annual Greek Awards. Our alumni president, Chris Lockman, also received an award for his work with our chapter and the school. We are glad that our strong brotherhood has not gone un-noticed by the Greek community!